The Workshop for Early Career Investigators

We thank all participants and speakers for their great contributions and discussions making our workshop to an inspiring and outstanding scientific event!

From Cell to Tomography: On the Biophysical Foundations of Medical Imaging 

The 7th DFG Workshop for Early Career Investigators in Medical Technology and Medical Physics is dedicated to imaging-based quantification of biophysical properties of living tissues. This workshop is addressed to junior researchers in medical imaging and biophysics. The workshop will focus on how microscopic tissue properties affect macroscopic contrast on different medical imaging modalities. In a series of lectures, practical trainings and laboratory tours the participants will become familiar with different interdisciplinary viewpoints on the seminal research field of quantitative and biophysically based radiological imaging.

The workshop covers fundamental tissue properties such as elasticity of cells, perfusion, diffusion, flow and tissue motion, magnetic susceptibility and mechanical matrix interactions. State-of-the-art imaging modalities like MRI, sonography and CT are considered along with innovative technologies which are still explored in their preclinical phase but are deemed to have considerable potential for future clinical applications such as magnetic particle imaging (MPI).

The workshop is organized in two parts: during the first three days, a colourful schedule of keynote lectures, talks and lab tours provides the scientific framework for discussions on various aspects of quantitative medical imaging. In the second part, the participating young scientists will receive information on funding opportunities and preparation of a DFG proposal for pursuing their own scientific projects. Project ideas will be presented and discussed on the last day.

To participate in the Workshop for Early Career Investigators, interested scientists are required to submit a short project outline in Biophysics of Medical Imaging.

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Workshop for Early Career Investigators in Medical Technology and Medical Physics

24.8. - 28.8.2015

Charité Berlin, CCM

CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin


Contact: Nachwuchsakademie


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Decisions are made until April-30-2015.